Please Note The Following TERMS of WAAS Before Scanning The Code Or Making Payments:
  • This Service requires you have a compatible mobile phone with internet access and an active Whatsapp Application running throughout.
  • It is recommended that you set up a dedicated sim card/phone number/device for WAAS.
  • By scanning the QRCode, you authorize Transolve and approve all messages sent on your behalf to the recipients via your WhatsApp account
  • Facebook (Owners of WhatsApp Application) controls your service and have the powers and authority to restrict or block your service for any reason they choose including SPAM
  • You agree that all aspects of delivering WAAS to you, is considered your use of WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Terms and Conditions of service applies to your use of WhatsApp and you take full responsibility for your use of WhatsApp and you fully and completely indemnify Transolve from any claims arising from your use of WhatsApp especially those related to this service.
  • By Scanning the QRCode, all your WhatsApp chat or messages for the specified account or phone number will be available to Transolve (PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED IF YOU DO NOT INTEND THIS TO HAPPEN)
  • You may need to rescan a new QRCode to continue this service, if You disconnect your phone from the internet, if your phone goes off for any reason including running out of battery power, if your service expires/completes or if You or Facebook revoke access in the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • Payments for any part of Transolve WAAS and or Transolve WAAS related services including ERP Data, MRD or Business Data are non-refundable.
  • Please ensure contact numbers provided are valid WhatsApp numbers as charges will also apply to numbers found to be invalid Whatsapp numbers
  • Each contact should be provided on a new line using the text-box provided below, an upgrade will be required for more than 2000 contacts.
  • Additional Services will be charged separately, including any requirements for Transolve to set-up a dedicate SIM card, Phone number, Device or System for you.
  • MRD or Business data is based on published and available data from the business at the time market research was carried out. Businesses may update their contact details.
  • Transolve Web Technology Terms and Conditions Apply
  • I Accept Terms and Conditions Of Service For Transolve's 'WhatsApp Assistance Service'(WAAS)
    User Guide:
    1. Open this link/page/code on a separate device (e.g Your Laptop)
    2. Open WhatsApp on your phone
    3. Tap Menu Or Settings and select WhatsApp Web
    4. Point Your phone to this screen to capture the code.
    5. When you see the WAAS Logo, Your scanning was successful and complete (You should see messages being sent in Your WhatsApp), otherwise click the image to refresh and rescan.
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